Crystal Chandeliers!

Some of the most popular items in our shop are our beautiful crystal Chandeliers. We have them in several sizes and colors, and clients find countless ways to incorporate them into their weddings and special events. The exquisite image above was from a wedding at the Figueroa Mountain Farmhouse last summer. The “Chandy’s” (as we usually call them) were suspended over the reception area and created the most amazing, magical ambiance.

This use of our largest size white crystal Chandeliers creates a indoor-outdoor feel to the reception space. It almost felt like guests were dining in a hall at a European castle while still taking advantage of Santa Barbara’s scenic setting and perfect weather.

 Red! An amazing accent to the bar and offset by white fabric drapery (learn more about our custom sewing department). Think of all the fun ways to incorporate these into a stylish and unique ambiance….

 Another use of our largest size Chandelier…. the centerpiece! We added uplighting on the walls and ceiling to accent the drama and color of the fabric treatment. Beautiful.

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